Wedgwood Glass Animals

Originally established in 1966 as King's Lynn Glass Limited, with Ronald Stennett-Wilson as managing director and chief designer, this glass making company was acquired by Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd in 1969 and became known as Wedgwood Glass. Production of hand made glass products continued at the King's Lynn factory until early 1987. The well-known glass makers Paul Miller and Philip Tuddenham both began their careers at the King's Lynn factory, and the designer Frank Thrower produced for Wedgwood Glass from 1982 onwards.

The range of animal paperweights were produced throughout the 1970's and into the early 1980's. A collection of smaller animal paperweights called the 'Lillyput Collection' was introduced in 1979.

The items shown below are for sale. They make excellent gifts for paperweight collectors or for animal lovers. None of them are new - they are all previously owned examples of collectable glass animals made by Wedgwood Glass. Please click on the small thumb nail of the following photographs for a larger view.

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The following items have already been sold but we have left them on the website as we thought collectors might enjoy looking through them.