Caithness Glass Paperweights

Caithness Glass began its life in 1961 in Wick in the North of Scotland. It released its first issue of paperweights in 1969 - a set of limited edition weights called 'The Planets'. Many famous glass designers have worked for Caithness over the years including Colin Terris, William Manson, Alistair MacIntosh and Helen MacDonald. They have used various techniques to create a diverse range of paperweights in both modern and traditional designs.

The weights shown below are for sale. None of these items are new - they are all previously owned examples of collectable paperweights made by Caithness Glass. Where known, the designer and year of first issue is stated and if the paperweight was a limited issue, the edition number is also shown. Please click on the small thumb nail of the following photographs for a larger view.

If you would like to buy an item and you are in the UK , please use the buttons provided below. If you are outside the UK, please email us with details of the items you would like to buy and your delivery address. We will then advise you of the shipping price.


The following paperweights have already been sold but we have left them on the website as we thought collectors might enjoy looking through them.