Nachtmann Glass Animal Paperweights

This glass company was founded in Germany in 1834 by Michael Nachtmann and was later bought by Zacharias Frank who set up it's headquarters in Neustadt an der Waldaab. In 2004, it was was taken over by the Austrian crystal maker Riedel, though it still trades under the name F X Nachtmann Bleikristallwerke. It produces a wide variety of high quality lead crystal glassware with its range of adorable frosted glass 'Crystal Creatures' becoming extremely collectable. They make excellent gifts for paperweight collectors or for anyone who is an animal lover.

The weights shown below are for sale. None of these items are new - they are all previously owned examples of collectable glass made by Nachtmann. Please click on the small thumb nail of the following photographs for a larger view.

If you would like to buy an item and you are in the UK , please use the buttons provided below. If you are outside the UK, please email us with details of the items you would like to buy and your delivery address. We will then advise you of the shipping price.


The following paperweights have already been sold but we have left them on the website as we thought collectors might enjoy looking through them.