Perthshire Paperweights

Perthshire Paperweights was created in 1968 by Stuart Drysdale, John Deacons, Peter McDougall and Jack Allen, all of whom had previously worked at Strathearn Glass. They were intent on producing paperweights of the finest quality to try to compete with the classic French paperweight makers. Their range of weights include millefiori, lampwork and latticinio designs and have been issued as General Range weights, Limited Edition weights, Christmas weights, Special Edition weights and Annual Collection weights.

The weights shown below are for sale. None of these are new - they are all previously owned examples of collectable paperweights made by Perthshire Glass. Where known, the year of first issue is stated and if the paperweight was a limited issue, the edition number is also shown. Please click on the small thumb nail of the following photographs for a larger view.

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